Weda Resort Halmahera welcomes you to come Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking and Birding at Halmahera. Dive the Heart of the Coral Triangle, with its amazing diversity of underwaterlife. Be part of the dance of the Wallace’s Standard Wing Bird of Paradise and admire the other endemic tropical birds.Weda reef and rainforest Resort, on the east coast of Central Halmahera, Maluku, Indonesia is situated exactly between Lembeh Strait and the Raja Ampat islands.

Until recent, Weda Bay was an unknown spot on the dive map of the world. Now 90% of our guests, many of whom dived in several other places in Indonesia, including Raja Ampat and Wakatobi, think it is their best diving and snorkeling ever!

Easy diving along steep drop offs with caverns and schools of fish, coral covered slopes, perfect shallow reef tops, bays with seahorses and other critters, and for the adventurous diver, an underwater mountain with “big stuff” and a Japanese shipwreck. A nice detail: there are no other divers 300 Km around. Have a look at the pictures of diving in Weda Bay, Halmahera to see the underwater paradise on offer here.

Combine the best of both world! Experience “World’s Best Critter Diving” and the “Incredible Reefs of the Heart of the Coral Triangle”, together in one trip. Two eco resorts with a lot of knowledge: Divers Lodge Lembeh opened in 2002, when not many people knew about Lembeh Strait yet. And Rob, the owner of Divers Lodge Lembeh and Weda reef and rainforest Resort which opened 2011, was the pioneer who explored the diving around Halmahera since 1989.

Special 12,5 years Anniversary Offer:

Book any combination of staying and diving at both our resorts.

If you stay at least 14 days, divided over both places, and book a diving package of at least 10 days, we pay the transfers* to/from Divers Lodge Lembeh to/from Weda Resort, both ways, for you. Making a reservation is very easy and payment can be done in EUR to our account in the Netherlands or in EUR, USD or IDR to our accounts in Indonesia. 

*Normal price IDR 5.250.000 (single person).


It’s paradise on land as well; there are two species of Birds of Paradise in our own forest. In a circle of only 5 Km around the resort, we spotted 24 of the 28 endemic species of Halmahera birds. Together with the local community we started a foundation for education and conservation of the primary forest and it’s wildlife: We are proud to be able to protect 700 Hectares of primary jungle, home of the Wallace’s Standardwing Bird of Paradise, many other species of birds and other wildlife . This is absolutely the best place in the world to observe this beautiful inhabitant of paradise. You can also find the legendary Wallace Golden Birdwing and Ulysses butterflies here. On this website you will find an overview of the birds we have spotted and flora and fauna; there are great pictures of birding in Halmahera in the Gallery, too. Our foundation also manages a Sea Turtle conservation project, Kindergarten and other projects.

By staying at our Eco resort you contribute directly to the conservation of the forest and reefs and the development of the local communities of Sawai Itepo and Kobe Village. But Eco tourism does not have to mean “uncomfortable”. Our beds and bathrooms for example easily meet the standard of any international hotel.  Our open air, no smoking, restaurant will serve you mostly Indonesian fresh cooked dishes. We also make our own fresh bread and even French fried potatoes. We never use MSG or palm oil in our kitchen and our kitchen is Halal. A very pleasant temporary stay in paradise indeed.

Below is a short movie which gives a good impression of Weda Resort and its nature around.

Also have a look at the unique footage of a new species of a walking shark found in Weda Bay.